Since 1977

Precision Plastic Injection Mold Making

Providing our customers with quality products that are reliable, maintainable, and durable to the point that they do not only meet but exceed their expectations.

about us

Classic is a builder of high-precision plastic injection molds, also specializing in custom machining, gun-drilling, and EDM work.

From prototype to complete molds to full-run production, Classic’s expertise in plastic technology allows us to meet your quality and needs. Classic Die combines a mix of modern equipment with the timeless touch of craftsmanship. Classic Die is capable of holding tight tolerance to create fine details on parts. We provide in-house sampling on new molds, changes & repairs for prove out. We utilize technology and rely on our plastics experience and skill to find a solution for you.

Classic Die can build and repair up to 10,000 pound tools. Our max limit is 700 ton molding machines.


Custom Injection Molds

Since 1978 Classic Die has been building high tolerance molds for auto, medical, dental, and consumer goods.

Mold Repair

Classic realizes that mold repair is very important to all customers. Down time is money lost and quick turnaround is very important.

Custom CNC & EDM Work

When other shops are busy, we can help by cutting their electrodes and burning in our EDM’s. We also specialize in cutting & burning custom details.


Gun-drilling allows holes to be drilled deeper and straighter than average machines can.

Mold Sampling

Classic can sample molds from 30 Ton to 700 Ton. Along with sampling, we also do short run production.

Laser Welding

Having a laser welder in-house allows us to turn repair work around very quickly. We also, provide custom laser work to outside sources.

Die Cast Tooling

Die Cast Tooling is another source of tooling to Classic. Many different end users are a source for our Die Cast Tooling.

Industries we work with



home appliance


our company history

Classic Die was formed in 1977 with three employees with the intent to build molds for the plastic injection industry. In 1989 Classic Die moved to its current location; 610 Plymouth NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505.

In 1989 Classic Die added the ability to sample molds built in-house, which has continued to grow and run sample runs for Customers.

In 2021 Classic Die moved the Molding operation to our current location; 505 Ball Avenue NE, Building B, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.

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